Siroflo. Unwire your life.

At Siroflo we imagine a world where everything is possible, where distances get shorter and  information exchanges run faster. We want a world where reality is at our service, technology fitting effortlessly into our lives.


We started developing our products with only one thing in mind: seamless integrating high tech devices into our daily activities.

We created a new generation of portable electronic devices: VR glasses, smart-watches, action cameras, sport DV, headphones, speakers, recorders, mobile phones and tablets accessories. All are designed to enhance your entertainment, to help you stay connected on-the-go, share memorable moments and enjoy what technology has to offer.

Our dedication to craftsmanship and innovative engineering enable our products to achieve high standards of performance and deliver a superior experience in any setting. 

We want to create an unparalleled experience for Sirofilo users, where our products act as an invisible but powerful bridge between science, technology and human actions. While the colorful combination of designs we offer promotes the unique individuality of us.

With Siroflo you will explore the benefits of portable technology and the freedom of connectivity to reach your highest potential.